Waking up at 6:00 AM, we had another early start to today’s adventure. After showering and brushing our teeth, we jumped on the bus and headed off to Cañon de Somoto. Doña (Mrs.) Digna, Hotel Chico’s own chef, prepared our breakfast for the road. We sang both English and Spanish songs on the bus while we ate our sandwiches and laughed together. On the way to Cañon de Somoto we picked up two firefighters from the Estelí fire station and three tour guides.


After we arrived at Cañon de Somoto, we hiked down a path to the river – which was very muddy from last night’s rain. We plowed through and descended into the deep canyon, which was riddled with slippery rocks and hidden tree branches. At first, we had trouble getting our footing right but quickly got the hang of it. The beginning of the river was cold and shallow but the sun soon came out. We floated down the river and basked in the sun, all while admiring the amazing views. All of us ended up walking a total of around four to five miles through water, over rocks, and mud.


We then ate at “Carne Asada El Buen Gusto.” The food was delicious! Once we finished eating, we had a two-hour nap time while on the bus back to Hotel Chico. We then had some time to shower and get ready for our talk about discovery for the CAP (Community Action Project). Dinner was eaten quickly before we ended up sitting down for our nightly meeting. The leader of the day was passed on from Chelis to Javier. We ended with a quiet reflection to end this very fun and tiring day!


P.S. We are reading all your comments and everybody loves hearing from their families and friends! Please keep them coming!

Buenas noches!

-Chelis, Erich, Javier


Hike to the river


Group photo at beginning of river


A nice swim with an even better view


On a boat to somewhere


Group photo after an enlightening group discussion