This blog was written by our Leaders of the Day: Jesse and Antonio

Today, we focused on aid and development in the Dominican Republic.

Starting the day with a visit to our Global Glimpse partner Maria Gutierrez at the Fundación Collado Gutierrez. Maria is the owner of Fundación Collado Gutierrez, and helps rebuild houses that are in bad conditions, for example plastic roofs for zinc roofs and changing dirt floors for cement floors for over 100s of homes. As the leaders of the day we (Jesse and Anthony) made sure our fellow glimpsers were giving their respect and attention to Maria Gutierrez.

The gang heading out on the bus to our morning workshop!

Roxane, one of our Global Glimpse Leaders, translating for Maria.

After lunch we went to a local school in Constanza called CECAINI. Glimpsers enjoyed spending time with the children playing on the school yard and taking care of some cuts and bruises. While at CECAINI we discovered our Community Action Project (CAP) which is going to be a mural. We did this through talking in small groups with community members to learn about the needs that they might have.

CECAINI school.

The view from CECAINI school.



Below are pictures of us working in small groups to interview members of the school staff and community about the local needs that students might be able to help during their CAP project. 

This is the principal of the school.


One story from Jesse today: I found it exciting to go to the school because the children were so welcoming and didn’t want to let us go. I chose to spend the most time with Emanuel who I’ve decided is unofficially my son. Even though he wasn’t able to speak English I was able to speak enough Spanish to make somewhat of a connection.

Jesse helping clean up a little kid who scraped his knee!

Some friends who wanted to have their picture taken!

Following our CAP discovery we went on our way to our very first English tutoring lesson at Arroyo Arriba, another local school. Glimpsers had an amazing time teaching his students the alphabet.

One story from Anthony today: I found teaching the alphabet very eye opening and got an unexpected surprise at the end of the class when one of my students, a nine year old girl, came up to me and handed me a note that read love forever in cursive.

Best blog written by Jesse and Antonio.

Jesse in the rain at CECAINI!

Anthony talking to Maria at our morning workshop