What’s good family and friends?

It’s Davin, Gabe, and Chris your first student LDDs (Líderes del Día or in English, leaders of the day). This morning we woke up earlier than usual and got dressed business casual so we could go to a Community Action Project Seminar in Jinova. We spoke to local residents and members of the Fundeji organization who help the surrounding community.After putting ourselves in their shoes, we recognized how lucky we truly are back home in the States and asked how we could help. We split into groups to speak to the representatives of the organization and community members to see what would best benefit the community.They each told us that what would best help is fixing the community center.We can’t wait to make a difference!


We also began teaching local students English with the help of our ambassadors. The majority of us were nervous, but once we got into the classroom it eased away! The community is very welcoming! Afterwards, we walked to dinner and the staff realized we were spending the 4th of July away from home so they cooked us a special meal. We ate burgers and fries and listened to music. They showed us an enormous amount of hospitality. We couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. We have had a ton of fun, but we really miss everyone at home, hopefully everyone is doing well. Ms. Holly has a projector so leave comments and we can see them.