During education day today, we gained insight into the Nicaraguan primary education system. In the morning, we visited a local school, where we were greeted with an amazing surprise. We walked in to exuberant applause, and were treated to a ceremony complete with performances by the students. After this, we were thrust into classrooms in order to experience the classes firsthand. It was definitely a strange feeling to see the way all the students looked up to us. We were extremely surprised and excited to take pictures with the kids and even sign autographs for them. We then set up piΓ±atas for the kids to play with, which we could see that they enjoyed very much.

After returning to the hostel for a wonderful lunch featuring an authentic Nicaraguan delicacy, we headed to a second school, which proved to be very different from the first. Visiting the school, run for children who work in the dumps, was an experience that left a lasting mark on us all. We were saddened to see the conditions that the children had to learn in, including a steady swarm of flies and not very many supplies. However, we were all eager to help out, and came up with some basic ideas for our community service project. Later in the evening, we gathered together to learn about how to teach the english classes we will be starting, and came up with lesson plans to use.

Overall, it was an extremely fun, but also very interesting day. In our free time we are all becoming closer, and our group is supportive and enthusiastic. We all really look forward to the adventures the rest of the trip will bring.

Personal Messages:

Krista: Hi mom Hi dad! I’m safe and having fun! Love ya <3

Alicia: Hello Papa, Mom,& Alex! I love and miss you guys!

Edelawite: Hi mom & dad! I love and miss you. I’m safe πŸ™‚

Nathan: Hey mom! The trip’s going great, I’ll call on Sunday!

Giselle: Hey old man I miss you

Erick: Hey mom & dad I miss & love you guys! πŸ™‚

Joseline: Hi mom & dad, I miss you guys so much!

Zoe: Mom, Dad, Gracie & Kyle! I love and miss you guys! <3

Jazmin: Hey Mom, Dad, Jessica, Janely, & Maria. Te amo πŸ™‚

Gabriel: Hi mom, dad, little brother Tobi, and Dami and Bimpe

Bobo: Wassup Dudes! I hope you miss me and I miss yall!

Julia: Hey Mom, Dad, & Alex. I love you guys!

Laurel: Happy father’s day dad, I love and miss you guys!

Monet: I love you Mom, Happy Father’s day Dad, Charles Damien!

Doug: Love you Shannon Miss everyone, tell them that I love/miss them & that I’m okay. xoxo

Nanette: Love you Mom, Dad and Bestie Rachel. I’m safe and miss you a lot! πŸ™ <3

Daphne: I love you mom, dad, & Cody. I love you guys… Happy Father’s Day!

Allyssa: I love you mommy, uncle Ferdie, and Joshua! Sorry I haven’t been calling. miss u.

Hailey: Mom, dad, Taylor, Hunter, and Matt! I love you guys and miss you so much!!

Mallika: I love you mommy, daddy, and Aditya! I miss you guys a lot. Pet Toto for me!