Hello friends and family!

Today was our free day to roam around and explore the beautiful streets of Constanza with the guidance of our various leaders. Some of the activities included: shopping around, going to the baseball field, enjoying delicious ice cream, and familiarizing ourselves with fellow Glimpsers at other delegations. All of us were able to connect with locals through a simple hello or a game of catch.

After we returned home we all got ready to start our first day of tutoring at Arroyo Arriba School. This was the most powerful part of the day to many of us Glimpsers because we were able to help pave a lifelong pathway of opportunities. Being able to interact with these young Dominican prodigies was extremely inspiring. It was a huge wake up call to see how hard everyone is working to be educated while many of us take this for granted.

Thank you for checking in! Be sure to leave a comment below if you are reading these because all of us love hearing from our loved ones. Buenos Noches!