Hi all!

Today we had the opportunity to visit one of the indigenous sites located in the mountains of Ecuador. This cultural immersion included learning about medicinal plants in the botanical garden and even a ritual cleansing ceremony! Apart from visual exposure to indigenous communities, we were able to see the lasting impacts of colonization, and its modern day parallel, globalization in terms of creating strains upon indigenous communities. Altogether, this experience allowed us to be more conscious of the fact that these individual societies exist and thrive apart from the technology-based world that we are so accustomed to.

Being co-Lideres Del Dia was an amazing opportunity to foster more connection within the group, as it was one of our first days out and about. Organized activities and bonding through soccer and other games really helped form a greater connection and sense of community among us. We look forward to everything else planned for this trip and know that our group will have fun no matter what!

With love,

Sajel and Lailah

P.S. Scroll down for some BTS of our adventures today! 🙂

Glimpser Christian with a new friend!

Group of Glimpsers with a nine month old llama.

Glimpsers had the opportunity to try cuy, or as you might call it, guinea pig.

Glimpsers participated in different traditional dances from various indigenous communities, and even got to try on some dance wear.