Today, we visited the orphanage that we will be working with for our community action project (CAP). We were introduced to a few of the children that spend time in the orphanage and also the staff, which consists of a nun and a few volunteers. We observed the conditions that the children were playing in and we discussed some possible projects that we can work on for our CAP during our time here.

It was very eye-opening to see the condition of the playgrounds, rooms and even the kitchen. We were able to see some of the work that had been done by the previous Global Glimpse delegation which includes murals in the children’s rooms to radiate positive energy through the bright colors chosen.

After discussing some possible ideas such as: paint jobs; donations of much needed materials like toothpaste, blankets and pillows; renovation of the playground, we look forward to actually narrowing down to a sustainable and efficient project by executing our ideas into action. We are more than excited for the next week and a half.