Sorry..we did not have internet yesterday, so we have two posts today! Yesterday was our culture day, and we were lucky to have been able to visit two different families to see what they did for a living that depicts the Nicaraguan culture. The first family we stopped at was a household lead by a wonderful lady who makes maracas for a living. As the students listened to the process and watched her make the maracas, they were amazed at how much work is put into creating a very festive object that cost very little. Not only that, the students were even able to help make some maracas also! The best part of it was, each and everyone of them received a custom made maraca with their names on it! We then had  baho, a native food consist of beef, cassava, and plantains wrapped in banana leaf. It was soo GOOD! Our next stop was at another family house who makes pottery for a living. The students again listened and watched Alfredo (the owner of the house), as he explained and demonstrated what he does on a daily life. He sure made it looked easy! After, the students were able to experience making pottery as they tried to create a vase, pot or just a blob of clay of their own(=P), as well as painting a previously made vase. We knew that Englysh and Rowen were the artists in the bunch, and as for Timothy..not so much. Even though it was an eventful, busy and hands-on day, the students were able to appreciate the Nicaraguan culture through learning about the daily lives of two working families, who preserves their culture through their hardwork to create beautiful artwork. We ended our day with our nightly meeting and are all looking foward to our free day soon!

Adios! Thao

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