Oye amigos, 

We had a beautiful day today continuing to work and connect with each other and the community members here. In the morning, we visited a charter school funded by residents of Bahía. While mixing soil, whacking machetes, and putting our Spanish to good use, it began pouring. We took some time to do yoga in the rain, appreciate the break from the heat, and hold a workshop on culture and what it means to us. We had a delicious vegetarian lunch at the green school, continuing our 24 hour no meat streak.

Then, we went to Isla Corazón where we took a canoe ride through a mangrove tunnel and learned more about the ecosystem. After our ride, we relaxed in hammocks and Don Francisco shared the Legend del Duende and sang a traditional love song from the local culture.

Because we worked so hard all day, we earned some fun time at the beach. We were able to play in the water while we enjoyed the sunset. We finished our day with another delicious dinner at Don Carlos’ and wrapped up with a discussion about education and the many different forms it takes. Before going back to the hostel, we ate some Pan de Yucca. It was yummy!

Your leaders of the day,

Sedona, Kotone, Alex, Elizabeth, and Tessa