“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce, It’s always about the people.” – Anonymous

Greetings from Constanza!

Today our day started with waking up at 6:30am. At 7:00am our hostess, Dilenia, prepared a special breakfast of pancakes, hot chocolate, and strawberries as a celebration for the 4th of July. Afterward we had a mental warm-up to prepare our group for working like a local and discuss what our day would be like working in a green house to pick weeds, etc. After the discussion we made our way to Ismael Disla’s Greenhouse and met with his team. They taught us to pick weeds from bell peppers and onion plants. After working with Ismael and his team, we came back to Dilenia’s for lunch which was tostones and spaghetti. We then had our first free day where we made groups accompanied by the Global Glimpse Leaders or local volunteers to explore Constanza. We then returned to Dilenia’s to freshen up for our English class at 5pm. We were teaching students from ages 8 to 40 English grammar. At 7:00pm we went back to Hotel Dilenia and ate dinner. We had fries, hamburgers, and soda. The group also surprised Jose with a birthday cake and a Bachata dance session for his birthday.

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