Todays blog was written by our Líder del Día: Stacy 

Today was our first free day to wander around Constanza. After breakfast, we had two hours of free time until we had to meet for lunch. For the first hour, we went into our groups and discussed and planned out our Community Action Project (CAP). The second hour, was free time. After lunch, we headed into our groups. We traveled in groups of four glimpsers or more (except my group which had three) with an ambassador and got to tour and wander around Constanza. My group, Amara and Jasmine, along with our Global Glimpse Leader Junie and Alexander, one of the ambassadors. We went to a souvenir shop, but there wasn’t any touristy souvenirs there. We wandered around the supermarket, where I got chips and candy for the first time since the trip started, and had a really fun time. We as well, went to the Internet Cafe.

Later, we came back to prepare for our English Tutoring Class, class #2. My class had 14 kids! My group consisted of Jasmine, Allira, Anthony, and Crystal Some of my groups’ students had written on the board such sweet things. One of them drew a heart and wrote all of our names in it and another wrote all of our names and then “Best friens Forever”. It was absolutely adorable and meant the world to me. We walked to the school and back. Today wasn’t as humid as it has been recently. We all had really connected from the night before and overall, today has been one of the best days of the trip so far.