Happy Hump Day! 

Today we had an another amazing day in Bahía. We woke up early this morning and some of us went to the local food market. We bought assortments of fruits like dragon fruit and mangos. Then we all met again and went to breakfast at Don Carlos’s then took a bus to a local community called Acuarela Dos. In this community, the government helped to build housing for people who lost their homes during the earthquake in 2016. They have a large central space where we helped to build a compost bin, build a basurero (trashcan), plant trees, and then played soccer with the local kids. There was also a family there who made bracelets and most of us bought a few.


Then we went and had some more delicious food at Dona Rosa’s – fish ceviche with rice and chifles (plantain chips). Following lunch, we went back to the high school and helped to finish the projects that we started on Monday. It was really fun to see all the kids from the eco club again and interact with them even more. Finally we went to the beach for sunset and swam in the water for an hour. The sunset was amazing tonight and the water was really warm, so that made the experience even more fun. Finally we went back to Don Carlos’s for dinner and then to the hostel where we celebrated Kotone’s birthday with a guava cake. Everyone is a little tired from all the time in the sun, but we are all super excited for the final few days!

Chao for now!