Hello! Today we woke up at 7 am and had breakfast. We all had a busy day yesterday, so today was a catch-up day for everyone. We visited Plan Yaque, a non-profit organization that helps the community with things like water systems, beautification, and buildings for sanitation. We returned to the ranch and ate lunch, then left for Hatillo, which was BEAUTIFUL. There were a lot of trees and high mountains covering the background. We saw animals like horses, cows, roosters, and street dogs! The scenery was very pretty, and on the way there, the wind was a good breeze for the amount of warmness surrounding us here in Jarabacoa. Everyone asked questions and some even asked them in Spanish as well. Today was an eventful day and the beginning of our first CAP (Community Action Project) introduction. The project consists of our group building waterways with pipes on the side of the street for people in the community to access. We planned out what we were gonna do for the community and what we could support them with. All in all, today went by fast, and everyone gained a splash of Spanish! ¡Hola Ma, Hola Pa, estoy bien!