Hey everyone, it’s Clara and Lizette. Today we went to a countryside community in Jarabacoa called el Llano. This is where we will be doing our Community Action Project (CAP) and it is the first time this community has ever had Global Glimpse partner with them. We met with people who represent the community and heard ideas of what they wanted. Many of the community members were excited to share their ideas with us and begin a project that will change their lives. There was a lot of agreement to construct a community center for the entire community, as a way to unite them as a whole. After we discussed these ideas in groups, they were kind enough to provide us with some snacks before we headed back to home. While eating snacks we were able to bond with each other and take in the surroundings of the entire community.

Once we got back to the accommodation, we ate lunch and then finalized our lesson plans for our first day of teaching English to the Jarabacoa people. We walked from our home to the school, which was only about a 10-15 minute walk and safely arrived at our school. There were many different paths that we haven’t seen during our time here and when we arrived at the school, we noticed the colorful scenery and murals on the wall. It was very welcoming when we entered, and saw a line of students waiting to learn. Looking at the students gave us some nerves, but we were also very thankful, for taking the opportunity to learn from us. The students we taught ranged from kids to adults with different levels of Spanish and a lot of people were stressed beforehand knowing that they would be teaching students they couldn’t communicate with, but in the end everyone had a good time and a successful class. Within each class everyone had a chance to bond with their students and most importantly we were able to learn from our mistakes to be better teachers to our students for the next time we teach. After our classes, we came together to start planning our lesson for the next class and we all felt that it was a lot easier to plan than the first one because we now know what to do. We came back home to eat dinner and afterwards shared an object that has significance to us. We concluded our day with our nightly meeting and went to bed to prepare for a rare and exciting free day!

Talk to you soon,

Lizette & Clara :):

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Snacks provided to us by the community of el Llano

Bonding in el Llano

MIcah and Olivia teaching their English class

Group interview for CAP

Group interview for CAP

In el Llano with community members

Jazzy, Jumana, and Saul teaching their English class

Julio talking to a group during CAP interviews