Today we woke up at 6am to get ready for a very busy day. We at breakfast at 6:30am (bomb hot chocolate!) As soon as breakfast was over we headed onto the buses to teach English to for the second time at Adolfo Kilping. After teaching we headed to Carlos Garbay School. The main goal of the school is to educate, support, and prepare the students with special needs for life. We learned about the students’ daily lives and the educational and therapy processes used.

After going to the school and taking a tour we visited the Carlos Garbay Farm where students with Down syndrome learned and worked in agriculture. We learned about what they grow and how they take care of the farm and plants. We also covered what they needed to help their farm and organization grow. We game back to have a break, ate dinner, and celebrated Ulai’s birthday. Happy birthday Ulai! We then recapped the night at the nightly meeting and passed the torch to tomorrow’s leader, Brianna. Tomorrow will also be our first free day, meaning we can call home!

Pictures: Prepping the CAP project, lesson planning, Hostal Primavera, & Ulai’s birthday.