My name is Lilly, and I was El Lider Del Dia (Leader of the Day). After being given the ¨Torch¨ at the nightly meeting the day before, I was properly the leader for the next twenty four hours. My first goal was to get the group of students to remain quiet the entire night, as our leaders have had to shush them before and I wanted to give them a relaxing evening. It almost worked, with just one minor bump in the road, but I am very proud of the determination of the group to whisper, go into their rooms, and sleep exactly on time, which is one of the achievements I am proud of.

After a good night sleep, I woke up and got ready, taking the time to make sure everyone woke up and got ready for the day as well. What I did not know, however, was that some of my fellow females spent the time chatting instead of sleeping (Remaining quiet and polite, but staying up later than normal) which made them a bit drowsy. Being the leader requires putting others before yourself, which led me to worry about why some students were falling asleep at the dining tables as we ate our delicious breakfast. Sending them upstairs to sleep, we finished our first meal of the day and continued to write the schedule for our first English class out of six, beginning tomorrow. The first sleepy students that showed signs of drowsiness returned a few minutes before the planning concluded, but when we returned back upstairs for our first hour of scheduled free time, I found a majority of the girls asleep! I was honestly frightened, thinking I did something wrong and went to tell the Health Coach the problem. He insisted they need their rest and that I do not worry, so I took that advice to heart.

The rest of the students who were awake helped me wake up the sleeping ones for lunch, which went on with a bit of a time delay. Afterward, another delay kept us from walking, but we set off after. Mr. Tuttle tested our ability to follow directions, leading us astray from the park we used as a meeting point. It taught us that we know how to get back home when we are given permission to go out without a Global Glimpse leader in the coming days. Eventually we made it to the park and split up by gender due to popular demand. The girls went to Helados Bon and got ice cream and frozen yogurt, while the boys looked for soccer balls and went window shopping.

We returned to the park earlier than expected and walked back to the Foundation. We had two hours of free time now, where students decided to wash their laundry, play card games, or even jog a few laps around the circle in front of the Foundation. We gathered for dinner and fried fish was a respected part of our meal, and afterward the nightly meeting commenced. I handed over the ¨Torch¨ to the next leader, and my day of leadership concludes.

All in all, I enjoyed being the leader, despite being told that although I was on top of everything, I was nervous and shared that energy. I still believe firmly that I did a good job knowing how I could have handled things, and hope that the Lider Del Dia tomorrow does an amazing job too.

Buenas Noches,