Hello Global Glimpse families! Our names are Michelle Rivera, Maribel Alvarez and Christine Nguyen, and we were the Leaders of the Day for today!  C1C had the amazing opportunity to experience living like a local, which consisted of meeting and interacting with members of the community of Cañada de las Palmas. All twenty six of us got split into small groups of four, in which we got assigned a family to spend the day with.

My group and I were put into Justina´s amazing family! During the day we helped our host families with chores while spending quality time with them. Some of us got to try some of the best coffee in Contanza! The house chores consisted of washing dishes, laundry and sweeping the floor. We were able to meet many children who welcomed us into their homes with open arms! The most impactful part was realizing that happiness doesn’t come with materialistic things, happiness is the love that these families gave us today.

Today, we dove into the lives of those who live in Cañada de Las Palmas, where water isn’t always as accessible, and electricity is a privilege. The things that were a reality for us today, is the reality for the lives of these people every single day. People in this community didn´t have many resources necessary for basic survival, such as a health center, transportation, or even running water. Experiencing today was definitely an eye opening experience that allowed us to view the world with a different perspective. The core of happiness does not come from money. People in Cañada de Las Palmas do not live the same lives as we do. However, even though the houses are four times smaller than those in the United States, the people have hearts that are four times bigger.

As we embark on our next task, here in the Dominican Republic, we will take the lessons of today to help us make a change during our trip here. After hearing about the stories of those who live in this community, we are inspired to assist families of people, who deserve so much more.

Thank you,

Your Glimpsers