Hi Everyone!

Today we visited a farm that the local community (El Molino) established on their own without outside help or funding. We learned that supporting local community businesses helps the community survive. We think that our day was centered on more than just purchasing and shopping, but more on working together and utilizing local products. We were surprised and happy to see that indigenous community was established and that we got to experience their daily lives. They care so much about each other and the work that they do. Cesar, the community leader, mentioned that one of the greatest challenges was the lack of funding and that the news creates misconceptions and today we actually got to live it and experience what their lives are really like. We were surprised to hear about how the labor was not the most challenging aspect of the community but that the lack of funding was the primary source of daily in the community projects and their deadlines. They are responsible for raising money and resources on their own.

It was amazing to see elder women carrying heavy cement bags and rocks in order to complete the community storage room for their local products that they sell in the markets. We met Marcos, the son of Cesar, and his son Andy, who was the young boy who shadowed us all day, it was great to see the different generations working together and enjoying our presence there in the community. Today we got the opportunity to help the community build a storage room for their crops by transporting the rocks from the top of the hill to the center of the community where they are building the storage room. After eating quinoa soup (grown locally), rice, meat, and fresh salad from El Molino we took the scenic route home to La Primavera, singing classic Disney songs (obviously). We are excited to share our experience that we had today in the indigenous community with our friends and family back home.

In the afternoon, we began a discussion about the potential projects for our Community Action Project (CAP) with El Molino. Despite the many opinions and ideas shared, we were able to come to an agreement on several projects to present to the community. These include: beautifying the communal house, creating a community mural inspired by the president of community Luis (hey dad! -Alam), finishing the current storage room, and buying supplies to help with their crops. We ate a delicious dinner and then had our nightly meeting and reflected on our Living Like a Local day. We are excited to further explore a different worldview in the indigenous community with our new Leaders of the Day Chayse and Brandon.

Big Love,

Raphaella, Alam, Debbie.


From Alam: I love you Sabrina, trying not to miss you too much.

From Debbie: Thanks Mom & Dad & Zelie, I know you guys miss me! Justin, I miss you too.

From Raphaella:  I love you Mom and Dad, give my love to Valentina and tell her I can’t wait to tell her all of my stories when I get home! X’s and O’s to Dante too!