Hey Friends and Family!

It’s Olivia, Trinitee, and Connie here coming to you live from day number five! Today everyone woke up at 6AM for WLAL (Working Like a Local Day) which was earlier than any other day so far. As usual we had breakfast at Rosauras before the real work began. Taking us to our next destination which was located in the Dominican countryside of Suarez was a party bus which met all of our karaoke needs for the day.

After a 15 minute drive and endless farmland we arrived at Leivy{s farm and received a super warm welcome from a herd of cows, a chicken, a turkey, and an adorable little family of pigs. For about three hours in four different groups we helped Leivy and his friends plant eggplants and seed peppers, as well as pullweeds and turn the soil.


On our breaks, some of us even got the chance to hold the babies of the community and talk to some locals who came to see us.

After assisting Leivy with many rows of eggplant and pepper and receiving a heartfelt goodbye from all the farmers, we presented them with a token of our appreciation and they sent us on our way with a plate of fruit each for the rode.

Back in San Juan we had lunch before heading to the accommodation where we had one hour of quiet (not so quiet) time thanks to our resident UNO players 😀 Also, during this time we received our Dominican pesos in return for the money we exchanged on the first day. Immediately after quiet time was a seminar for our CAP (Community Action Project) where we exchanged many great ideas on how we can change the community center in Jinovah for the better. In the evening for the first time we had exploration time where we were able to walk to different spots around San Juan such as the ice cream shop or the supermarket (under the supervision of a Global Glimpse Leader, of course).

Nearing the end of our day we went for dinner before coming back to start our nightly meeting where everyone was able to share our opinions and thoughts about the day before us as leaders passed the torch to another group of leaders. That is where we leave you for tonight.

P.S. For the parents, everyone is doing fine and is in really good hands.

P.P.S. Yes mom I am alive -Trinitee