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Dear Global Glimpse Family & Friends,

Hello everybody! My name is Eric Wheat and I am the third leader of the day for the San Cristobal delegation. Today’s theme was “Aid & Development” and we focused on how to properly aid local communities that are in need. After we woke up and ate a delicious bowl of frosted flakes and coco puffs, we were greeted by an organization named “Surfuturo”. Surfuturo is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing low income providences with either education, agriculture, and energy based power. With the collaboration of both Global Glimpse and Surfuturo, we plan to create a Community Action Project (C.A.P)

After we had about an hour talking and asking questions about what this organization plans to provide, we glimpsers were ready to meet the community that we will give service to. The community was called Boca De Nigua but we mainly focused on its local community center that many children and teens come to do homework and play sports after school. Many problems were faced with this center including no electricity, no snacks, no usable bath rooms, and hundreds of pieces of trash scattered around the building. In California we have hundreds of Boys & Girls Clubs that provide help with education, snacks, gyms and most importantly a place to get away. Who would be able to “get away” in a one room building with no working lights, no bathroom, no fans and in the rising temperature? Nobody would.

Once we got to the center we talked to concerned parents, families, and most importantly the children. With about an hour to interview, we’ve came to a reasonable decision of what that center needs.

Today was only the first step to help the community, we are planning to come up with a design and later proceed to deliver the ideas we’ve came up with today. We, both glimpsers and the community, are very excited to be working together to better the lives of the children here for generations to come.

I would like to give a shout out to my family holding it down till my return and to my beautiful girlfriend Allison Be who probably hates me for not calling….yet!

PS GO WARRIORS hold it down for the BAY