For today, we woke up around 6 am to get ready for tutoring day #3. At 6:30, we ate a breakfast that consisted of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, bread, fresh juice and scrambled eggs. After teaching ended at 9:45, we headed back to our hostel to give an evaluation on how the program and our coordinators are doing.

After the meeting, we had an hour of free time; we had the chance to leave the hostel but most stayed back because we didn’t have much time. After our hour of free time we had lunch. We had soup, meatballs, cabbage and rice. After lunch, we headed out into the city to explore for 4 hours. In my personal experience, I tried a crepe for the first time (Nutella), bought souvenirs, talked to my mom, met foreign exchange students from Germany, Iceland, and the USA. I talked to people who were learning English, saw a protest and then returned to the hostel with my group for dinner. We had soup again, chicken, rice, and vegetables.

Everyone was excited to have a free day and time to relax. Shoutout to my mom for comforting Marissa when we video chatted! Love you.