Today was our delegation’s first free day. We all had fun in one way or another, as we always do. The wake-up call was at 8:00 AM, and breakfast was at 8:30. After breakfast we split into two groups, one going with Matt to the internet café and the other going with Mollie to walk the main shopping street. We all had a great time buying food and drinks, souvenirs, and talking to people back home. Some Glimpsers tried to reach family at home, but were unsuccessful, so don’t hold that against them. We came back to the hotel for lunch, then headed back out for round two of the free day. At 5:00 we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate the Fourth of July with an American dinner, and we had sparklers on Mollie’s birthday cake. After dinner we all had our first English lesson until 8:00, followed by our nightly meeting, ending the day. The free day was a good opportunity for bonding, making our nightly meeting the most social and friendly, including stories, inside jokes, and joyful emotion.