Today I was leader of the day. I really enjoyed taking a step back from being in the group because it gave me an opportunity to see the group as a whole. I saw the ups and downs throughout the day and got a better understanding of the people here. During our free time we split into two groups to explore and find out more information for our CAP project. My group found out the pricing for paint to help the locals make their city center look nicer. Our goal is to build benches and tables for the inside and to paint the outside of the building. After getting information for our project, some of us called our friends and families while others went and explored more stores. After, my group went to the super market and oh my goodness we went crazy. It was very funny because the kids who went crazy were the kids who were asking other people for snacks lol. Overall, I really enjoyed the day hanging out with everyone and looking at the bigger picture of how to lead and what the group was like. I can’t wait for more adventures and getting to know more about the amazing group of people I am staying with.

Shopping for painting supplies for our CAP project

Enjoying coffee and cake break from our busy day

A different perspective on dessert

Super Market – where our snack dreams come true

How do you photo bomb horizontally?