Hello everyone, this is Jun, and I was the leader of the day for today. Today was our very first free day and some students took advantage of the late wake-up call and woke up at around 9 AM. After our breakfast with cereal and fruit, everyone enjoyed playing volleyball until 10 AM. Then, we were able to call home and talk with all our parents while others looked through the past photos that Tony has taken. Some students got a little emotional and happy to be able to hear the voices of our parents that we all miss. After the phone calls, we were greeted with delicious lunch with rice, beans, and beef.

At 1 PM, glimpsers were able to explore the city of Jarabacoa in a group of 4 or more with at least one of our youth ambassadors. Some students got themselves some haircuts, drank smoothies, bought one of the most famous ice-cream in Dominican Republic, and shopped for souvenirs and snacks. Our youth ambassadors were a huge help by helping us get to places we want to go as well as translating Spanish to English! Everyone was expected to come back to the accommodations by 6:30, which for some felt very short, while other glimpsers decided to come back early and get some rest.

Until dinner, we played volleyball again with our youth ambassadors and with our newly setup actual volleyball nets. We had dinner at 7 PM with salads, yams, patata, fried cheese, and fried salami along with our very favorite iced tea. We, then, had our “Living like the locals” seminar where we learned how the locals in Dominican Republic live. Overall, everyone had a very relaxing and exciting day enjoying the city of Jarabacoa and got ready to live like one of the locals for tomorrow!

Thank you,

Jun Kim

Pickle with pickles!

Our GGL leaders, our youth ambassador, and our fellow glimpsers with ice-cream.

Glimpsers and our youth ambassador at the park.

Our youth ambassadors!

Tony, our youth ambassador, and glimpsers enjoying pizza.

In front of the famous Dominican ice-cream shop!

Crossing the bridge to get the our accommodation (Short-cut).