Today was Fun Day . We started the day at 6:30 where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by the amazing cooking staff at El Chico. At 7 we went on the bus to visit the city and Lagoon of Masaya. The bus ride was long but it was worth it. We got to swim in the lagoon (only up to our waists for safety reasons) and enjoy the amazing food at Monkey Hut. It was pretty hectic trying to collect all the money that everyone owed which delayed us for an extra hour. Unfortunately, because of the delay, we were not able to visit the city of Catarina but luckily we were able to go to Granada. At around 3, we arrived at Granada where we walked around and got to see what many venders were selling on the street. During the visit, we met a friend along the way named Fred. Fred was a dog. Fred followed us throughout the tour. Many of the students were able to buy souvenirs and gifts for themselves and for loved ones. The prices for the souvenirs were inexpensive. The bus ride home took way longer than expected. We arrived at the hostel at about 8:30, very tired,  where we ate delicious tamales for dinner. It was a long day but just like the title, it was a fun day.

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