Today we got to visit two very different schools. The first was a private Catholic high school at which we each shadowed 1-2 students. We followed these students to their classes and observed the classroom environments, different subjects, and student interactions. The second school we visited was run by a non-profit organization that works to educate students whose parents work in the dump. On our way to the school, we saw the small homes that these children lived in and gained an image of the simple lives they lived. The children at the school were very eager to meet us and enthusiastically introduced themselves to us. We then got to play games with the children, some of which we taught them and some which they taught us. We were able to play soccer, break a pinata, jumprope, and play many other playground games. The children were all very welcoming and energetic throughout our time at the school.

Overall, today was an amazing learning experience. At the first school, we were able to talk to and relate with the students. Many of the students were very interactive and curious and asked us various questions about our lives. Some of us even got to play basketball with the students. The second school really expanded our understanding of what conditions many Nicaraguans live in. The students at the second school were extremely happy and enthusiastic even though they did not have many material luxuries. This helped us better appreciate our own comforts and realize not to take things for granted. As a group, we were able to carry out interactive and educational English classes today. We also bonded by singing on the bus ride, playing games together at the school, talking at meals, etc. Finally, happy birthday to Ms. Minor! We hope you had a great day!

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