Hola Amigos!

This morning we woke up to the sunrise at Cielo del Pacifico and to the sound of giggles. The boys had a night of play-messing around, which sounded like lots of fun, and as for the rest of us we slept peacefully on the sand(in tents). We spent the morning at the beachfront property playing cards, swimming in the ocean, taking naps in hammocks, walking and searching for shells. Don’t worry, we drank lots of water and put on more than enough sunscreen. We sadly had to say goodbye to our beautiful campsite (and the puppies), and we miss it already. 

Next thing we did was that we went to go work at Acuarela 2, which is a community that was built by the Ecuadorian government 2 years ago for people who lost their homes in the 2016 earthquake. Everyone did different things, some built trash cans, other built a compost bin, the rest painted murals. Maya and Shelia (the ones writing this) got a special mission! We painted a mural in a sick girl’s living room because she was unable to leave her home. We painted a mural with the help of Belle and an Eco Club student, and we made a grassy field with red flowers (red was her favorite color). 

Lastly we returned to the hostel just to drops off our bags, and we went to go see the sunset at the beach. We did not swim this time but we stopped at a Pan de Yucca and yogurt milkshake shop, which made the sunset just a bit sweeter 😉. We are now back at the hostel safe and sound, getting ready for bed. We are starting to pack our bags to get ready to leave (some of us are not ready to leave), but we are excited to see you all!

BY THE WAY! We ate tons today and we are well fed. Everything we ate today was sooooooooooo filling and delicious. And our juice today was naranjilla, extra yum.

Con amor,

Shelia and Maya ❤️🌸🤪✌️🤤🤠🤫🦀🌺