Hey everyone! So as Leader of the Day, I (Justene), I woke up at 4:50 and walked around doing the daily wakeup call at 5. Making repeated rounds to make sure everybody was getting up, dressed, and ready to eat, we went to breakfast by 6. Eating eggs, rice with beans, bread, and sausage for breakfast was a delight for everyone I’m sure since it seemed like a reminder of home. Finishing breakfast by about 6:30, we all prepared to leave for our trip by 6:50. The transportation we used was walking to the public bus which I’m sure we all found very fun! It may have been a bumpy ride, but we made it to our destination safe and sound. For our trip today, we were able to shadow high school students at a nearby school where we were able to see how dedicated these teenagers were to their academics. Some observations that were made by many of us were very interesting. For example, we observed that many of the teenagers here are very focused individuals in completing their tasks. They seemed to be very advanced in their academics and they also stayed in the same class for the whole school day. Their school day seemed to be very well organized even though it was not exactly what we were used to.

Finishing off our activity, we left the school slightly early to catch the bus again for our bumpy trip home. We arrived at the hotel at approximately 11:15 where we had our daily Leadership Meeting with our new leader of the day (Erich). While the team was busy prepping for the next day, the rest of the glimpsers and I tried to unwind a little and got ready to vacuum up our delicious meal. This time around, we were able to enjoy french-fries, chicken strips, and a small mixture of tomatoes, onions, and carrots. The juice was also pretty good too from what I remember. At about 12:30, we started our educational seminar lead by one of our leaders (Tony). Finishing by around 1:10, we began our free time which I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say it was much needed. Being responsible as we usually are, all of the glimpsers handled themselves very responsibly during the free time. I believe being able to call home was the top priority of all of us here since we just miss our families so much.

Getting back to Hotel Chico by approx. 4:30, we all changed and started getting ready for our dinner at 5 and our English tutoring at 6. For dinner, three different types of Pizza were a pleasant meal which everyone appreciated (ham, pepperoni, and pineapple with ham). Afterwards, everyone quickly got ready to leave the hotel by 5:50. Arriving at the school by about 6, everyone promptly got ready to tutor our group classes.

Leaving the school by about 8, we arrived back at the hotel by 8:10 where we started our nightly meeting.  After sharing our thoughts about the day along with some much needed guidance, I was able to gladly pass the torch to Erich who finished off the nightly meeting. We had a great day overall.


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Apologies for not posting this last night, there was a surprise power outage here.

Adios amigos!

– Justene & Javier