We started our day off early at 7:10am, then went to breakfast and had watermelon, tangerines, cumquat, toast, guacamole, and chicken. We then headed over to Unidad Educativa Martiniano Guerrero Freire to talk to the principal of the school.

One of the classrooms at Martiniano Guerrero Fiere – look at how tiny the desks and chairs are!!

We discussed the struggles of education in Ecuador and the population of adults going back to complete basic education. This school is a public institution, meaning that the financial situation of the country lead to budget cuts. For this reason we were able to start brainstorming ideas for our CAP project that would help the students. After getting a tour of the school, we played soccer in the courtyard. After a riveting game of soccer, we walked back to Roma Santa to have lunch–salad, an Ecuadorian soup, chicken, rice, and quinoa. We then walked back to the hotel to enjoy some free time (by this we mean nap time because we were all exhausted). Tomorrow’s leaders of the day met for a meeting discussing tomorrow’s events (yay Max and Frida). We then had time for self reflection, followed by LAUNDRY TIME (we were very excited for that).

Carla, Jocee, Diana and Max reflecting on the barriers to education.

We walked to Roma Santa for dinner–PIZZA–and returned to the school to shadow the adult evening classes. We all thoroughly enjoyed this as everyone was welcoming and excited to get to know us.

The amazing teachers and principle of Martiniano Guerrero Fiere!

The students wanted to take pictures with the Glimpsers – Lencho was a popular choice!

Frida, Claire and Joanna with the class we shadowed. AMAZING!!

We returned to the hotel for our nightly meeting, passed the torch to the next leaders after creating some cool drawings, and lights out!






Carla and Jocee – Leaders of the Day!!!