Today was Free Day, a day for rest, relaxation, and even a bit of fun. Today Glimpsers had the whole day to themselves, many took advantage of this opportunity to visit the internet cafe, call family, and bond with each other. We went to the grocery store and stocked up on snacks, walked to get ice cream in the rain before dinner (oops!), and cried together over some homesickness.  Something unexpected that happened today was that many Glimpsers spent the majority of the day in the meeting room receiving “spa treatment” from each other (plucking eyebrows and braiding hair)-even the boys! As El Lider Del Dia, I was most proud to see everyone so inclusive and eager to spend time with each other. Being El Lider Del Dia was a great experience for me. Although today was very relaxed, it was still a challenge for me. Waking everyone up in the the morning, calling the laundry service, rounding up Glimpsers for meals, and making sure everyone signed out and came back on time taught me that being assertive with directions is very important for everything to go smoothly. Ultimately, today was very relaxing and allowed everyone to become closer to each other as we rested for this busy upcoming week.

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