Today was our free day!!!! Finally, our first taste of freedom… well not exactly (we had adult supervision). We started the day off with a late wake up call, 8:00 am to be exact. 1 hour of extra sleep for everyone except for the (LDD) Lider del dia (who has to wake everyone up).

First, we had a delicious breakfast where I helped pass out plates of food and the drinks. Once we were done eating, we counted off using our special numbers and went off into adventure… actually, we went back to the hostel; then, we went off to adventure into the city of Leon.

We started by traveling in one giant group through the streets all the way to the cathedral, where we to gathered souvenirs and gifts for our friends and families. It was really fun and amazing and awesome.

When we were finally done with that, we went to the supermarket to stock up our candy and snack stashes. They had a lot of different types of treats and foods in the supermarkets I haven’t seen in my supermarket before like powdered milk and some chocolate treats that you can’t get in the US. We also enjoyed some delicious ice cream at Eskimos (see below).

Eventually, we had to go back to Imabite (our comador) for a quick lunch, and I passed out food and stuff once again. Well, after all that, we had our second round of free time and spent most of that time at the internet cafe checking emails and making phone calls.

Uhhhmmmmm, I’m kinda falling asleep at the time of writing this blog, so pardon me if the detail isn’t too great, but after phone calls, we went on to prepare our presentation for our CAP project tomorrow and then moved on to student tutoring prep. Then we had dinner, and moved on to English tutoring and met up with our wonderful students. It is still incredibly hard to believe that we are actually teaching all of these people English, especially when they ask questions I don’t even know the answer to. So, we are learning too!

At the nightly meeting, we learned that tomorrow is Living Like a Local Day which actually started tonight when the electricity was turned off and we were given buckets to take a shower. Tomorrow we will be meeting families and participating in their daily routines to see what it is like to live on 2 dollars a day. Wish us luck!


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