Day 7: Living Like a Local

Hey families and friends,
It’s Ka’Myah, Noel, and Karen: Today has been an eye opener for all of us. To kick off our LLAL (Living like a Local Day), the electricity was cut off the night before. With the electricity cut off, we had to get our flashlights ready and fill up or buckets for showering (bucket shower).
The next morning, everyone woke up at 6:15 a.m. and we headed over to Rosaura’s for a quick breakfast of hot chocolate and a piece of bread. After we had a delicious meal, we drove to the countryside in Suarez to meet our host families that we were going to spend our morning with. We were then split up in groups in order to meet our host families and help them do chores (sweep, clean, wash dishes etc.) Around 11:45 a.m. we walked near the baseball field for a lunch gathering with the community made by our host families. Before we left, we played a little baseball game with the kids to have a little fun and then gave our host families a gift.  Sadly we said our farewells to our host families and headed back to the accommodation. At the accommodation the GGL (global glimpse leaders) had the evening off. During this time we had CAP (community action project) prep. During CAP prep, we were all divided in to groups where we all focused on brainstorming proposals on how to renovate the community center. After CAP prep we had free time and then we were on our way to Rosauras for dinner. Since it was still living like a local day we had a very simple dinner. Coming back from dinner we had our self reflection and nightly meeting. But the night wasn’t over! We knew about Harini’s and Brianas birthday. So we decided to surprise them with two cakes and a room full of balloons. We partied hard and felt like a family. Finally, we ended Living Like a Local day and lights out.

Ps. Trinitee is still alive
Pps. Can we get Taco Bell when
I get home? (Noel).