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To say that Poverty Day was a life-changing experience is an understatement. It began with a trip to the Las Hormiguitas Offices. This group has members from countries as far as Finland and their collective goal is to help the impoverished youth of Matagalpa get off the streets and learn skills they will need need to support themselves. We also learned of a mobile school made of airplane parts that was donated to Las Hormiguitas (the actual cost being about 10,000 USD). We aided in the transport of this school to the dump we visited today. What we saw there was in equal parts shocking, frightening, and enlightening. For the most part, what we see of true poverty are commercials for sponsoring children on TV. However, once the commercial is over, we forget all about it and focus our attention on the next program. Actually experiencing this poverty is something entirely unique and refreshing in the sense that it was such an intense experience. Being able to teach children who had to look through garbage to find shoes and clothes that fit was truly awe-inspiring and was almost unbelievable. This is an experience that my fellow Glimpsers and I certainly won’t forget and will allow us to appreciate what we have and those around us for years to come.