Hey Friends and Family!

Today after breakfast we had our second day of English tutoring. We are really getting a hang of it and we are connecting with our students more by understanding their age and English levels. When the students participate and are interactive, they learn more and we definitely see the difference. After that, we came back and watched a Ted Talk called Truly Sustainable Economic Development by Ernesto Siroli. We learned a lot about aid and development in this video and the true meaning of “helping” someone or a community. Aid and development are linked in many ways, we know that being a responsible consumer is extremely important. After a discussion on the Ted Talk, we broke up into our CAP project groups (painting the communal house, murals, and finishing the storage room) to discuss our potential projects and budget. For lunch we had avocados, beets, eggs, and potatoes (tasted like hash browns!!).

After lunch, we went to Coprobich (which is a fair trade Quinoa factory) in the Chimborazo province. We took a tour outside and inside, demonstrating the process of packaging the Quinoa product. We got to see the employees and staff working together, we can tell they are respected and treated well there. We noted that there were elderly men and women working out in the fields as well, carrying 30-50 lbs. of Quinoa to their houses. The Quinoa field was massive and we learned that the seeds are inside a flaky shell and have to be extracted and washed before packaging. Some of us were able to purchase Quinoa flour, seeds, and recipes to bring home 🙂

After the factory visit, we came back to La Primavera and had a discussion about our topic of the day, aid and development. To be a responsible consumer, you need to know that difference of movement and progress. Movement lacks direction but progress begins at the root of the problem and you are then able to move forward. Consumers have the power to choose between movement and progress when it comes to which products they choose to support. Together, we need to make sure we are consuming products that don’t utilize child labor or unfair treatment of the employees or environment.

We have enjoyed being Leaders del Día today and we are excited to pass the torch to Kiyomi and Julio.

Big Love,

Christine & Kate

Kate: Hi Caroline, Mom and Dad (And Mumbles)

Christine: Hey Mom, Dad, Darine, and Tobi!! 🙂

Nickole: Hi mom and dad! 🙂