Dear Reader,

Today my peers and I had a free day. This means that we had no plans, except what I, the LDD, had planned, which in my case was almost nothing. To begin with, we had a late, 7:45, start which led into a later-than-normal breakfast. After this we split into two groups. One of these groups then walked around the town, going shopping and enjoying the sights, while the other group stayed back at the hostel, relaxing in the Winter heat (and believe you, me, it is hot here!) After a delicious lunch of Pico de Gallo and some chicken, the groups went together to sample some of the delicious ice cream sold nearby. After we shared a deliciously cold snack, the groups parted ways and exchanged activities. After this we came back and decided to go see the movie “Now You See Me,” which was unanimously declared an amazing movie by our group.

The two styles of living that we, as Glimpsers experienced today, relaxed and restful, as well as rushed and exited, gave me an insight into the culture of the Nicaraguan people. At some points the Nicaraguan people are very relaxed, such as when they sit and relax with a cool drink at the Plaza de la Revolución, or when they sit down to eat a simply delicious lunch at Quiero Más, yet at other times they are fast paced and hurried, as exemplified by their driving style.

Being the group leader for one day gave me a whole new view into the perspective of my leaders as well as my teachers. It is a lot of work to make sure that everything goes according to plan, and as such, I have a huge newfound respect for them. This experience has taught me a lot about leadership and how it is earned and cannot be simply handed out. This experience also made me very appreciative of my peers for helping me throughout the day, and making sure that I had everything under control.

Finally I would just like to say that is an honor to be in Nicaragua at the moment.

Best Wishes,


Dove eggs waiting to hatch

Dove eggs waiting to hatch

Kevin's toothpaste facial

Kevin’s toothpaste facial

Movie night

Movie night