Today, we started with our second day of English tutoring which overall ran much more smoothly due to lessons we learned from yesterday’s experience. After teaching, we headed to Guamote with the purpose of visiting an indigenous community. Since our theme was working like a local, we spent the afternoon learning about Cesar, who was the ex-president of his indigenous community. He was very open and proud to teach us about his Kichwa culture and the daily lives of his community. We were able to get a glimpse of the value that agriculture has on these people and their satisfaction with the resources that they have. After, we gladly assisted them by bringing down materials to build a shed using the assembly line technique. After we completed our work, we took a walk along the fields to get to Cesar’s house, where his wife and daughter greeted us with a delicious traditional Kichwa meal.  

What resonated with us throughout the day was how happy Cesar and the rest of the community were. They had to manage a field which stretched many acres, but rather than seeing it as work, they saw it as an enjoyable daily activity. Some may think that they are living in poverty, but that never crossed our minds when we were there. Though they don’t have much money, they were satisfied with what they have. It made us realize that living in a remote indigenous community doesn’t necessarily mean that you are living in poverty. It was so nice seeing a family living in this type of environment and being so content and at peace with what they have.

From the experiences of these past few days, we were able to capture what it’s like to live in a developing country in this day and age. Experiencing the humbleness and gratitude of the community has made us reflect on our own actions. Seeing their lifestyle firsthand, we noticed how different our worlds are yet we share the same pride in our cultures. Being the LDDs today has opened a portal into what it’s like to take initiative as young leaders.  We realized that going to a community and experiencing their lives first hand gives us a perspective we would never get if we didn’t take advantage of the type of opportunities that programs like Global Glimpse provides.

Zania & Kami

RB1A after English tutoring at UE Kolping.

Washing dishes after our Kichwa meal.

RB1A at Guamote with Cesar and his family.

Our LDDs, Kami and Zania, leading our nightly meeting.

RB1A at Guamote after working in the fields.

Today’s Lideres Del Dia, Zania and Kami.