Today we woke up at 6:45am to a cold morning as the sun rose and covered the land of Riobamba. Many of us woke up tired, but with the heart of Ecuador, we pushed through. As we stumbled upon the bus, we made sure to provide snacks to everyone. As they mouthed down the bananas they we were eating, energy was present within us all because of the protein. We arrived to a farm in Guamote and a man named Caesar greeted us in Spanish. He enlightened us about his farm and history. He also mentioned the livestock and where certain meals come from. With the background of Chimborazo, it caught our full attention. We walked and arrived at the animal market and saw a deep truth about livestock. We walked through the land and learned about the population of the local people. We then came back to the farm and received an organic meal from Caesar and his family. Later, we arrived back to La Primavera and took a 2 hour free time. Finally, we had our nightly meeting.