Today, we enjoyed a laborious day on La Garnacha agricultural community.  We were separated into three groups and alternated between feeding los cabros (goats), spreading fertilizer, and picking weeds.  Despite the hard work, we enjoyed all of it and learned a lot about hard work and pride.  Eliador, one of the workers at the farm, told us about his daily pay ($5) and his hours (6am to 3pm).  It seems like a low-wage, but compared to the the huge bags of recycling at the dump yesterday–worth only $4 each–he can sustain himself and his family.  He and everyone else working there take great pride in their work and art.

Everyone picking weeds in the community’s garden.

It was extremely surprising to realize how much we actually enjoyed the labor, whether we picked up baby goats or spread fertilizer around new coffee trees.  We are extremely proud of the work we did and how much we learned.

Nick and Mel holding baby goats. Their poop will help future coffee plants grow =)

The most inspiring person we met today was Pablo, the leader of La Garnacha.  He encouraged us to try new things, such as cutting the grass feed for the goats with a machete and holding the younger goats after they were fed.  He was an extremely helpful and educational guide, and his lessons deserve to be remembered.

Adrián cutting feed for the goats.

Later that day, we went to the Estanzuela waterfall and went swimming in the deep waters and into the small cave behind the falls.  It was perfect weather for all of our activities, but especially during the swim.

Being Leaders of the Day was challenging but also very rewarding.  Organizing the groups and keeping track of everything that changed on the schedule was complicated, but everything ran smoothly.  We learned that we work well together in leading and made sure that we either always had the answer or found someone who did.  This was a really fun day and we look forward to the next two weeks (and tomorrow’s free day!) in this beautiful and humbling country.

Parents and friends shout-out!!

From Ema:  Heya guys, hope it’s going great in the big bad USA ;D sorry I haven’t gotten to talk much, but we do have a free day tomorrow so I plan to call home.  It’s been great here so far and very educational.  We’ve gone hiking on so many beautiful trails and I have lots of pictures (over 1000!!!) :O whaaaaat?!  200 a day. . .  Pshhh, I blew that out of the water a long time ago 😉 well, I hope everything is going well and give my love to Bullit and Sebastian ^.^ Happy birthday, Daddy <3 LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

From Kassandra: Hey guys; everything is fine. I think I think I can really begin to enjoy myself now that the leadership event has passed. I have made a couple of friends and even more acquaintances. I hope everyone’s well and I will most likely call you Monday.

Love you all! Can’t wait to see you Mother Dear. Happy early birthday ma!