Our first event of the day was a field trip to Mujeres Ambientalists. It was a local factory that produced recycled paper. The women who ran it were all single women who saw a dump a decided to turn it into something beautiful. We happen to have used this recycled paper last week when making cards, but it was so interesting to see how it was actually made. Everyone got a chance to make there own paper and see how organic materials were used to create different tints to the paper.

Later today, we were introduced to two members of The Peace Corps. They were wonderful people who really got all of us thinking about how foreign aid organizations may be good at heart but detrimental to the economy of those foreign countries. Not only did these two inspiring people teach us a lot about our world, they also taught us about The Peace Corps works and all of the possibilities it comes with. Everyone was very interested in the speakers and the activities. They continued to open there minds to all of the world wide events that they can chance or create.

Personally, I was very interested in what the couple from The Peace Corps had to say. Their mission and their goals inspired many of us to see the right and wrong ways of foreign aid. Even with little preparation, being El Lider Del Dia was not as difficult as i thought it would be because of my wonderful peers. They made it so easy and helped me when I needed it. I learned today that no matter what happens, everyone here is supportive of everyone. When people could not participate, others stepped up and took charge and everyone around them helped to make things easier. Missing some of our beloved peers, we all worried for their health and made sure we did what we had to to do to make them feel better. Thanks to everyone and their support, we are all health, safe, and tucked in bed.

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