Hola Familia y Amigos!

After an early rise, we went to our third day of tutoring with our students. Things continued to improve; the kids started to become more friendly with us and participative in the classroom. We returned to the hotel to get ready for our first free day. For lunch we had a good chicken broth/vegetable soup with pork chop, potatoes, and ICE CREAM! After that, we walked to Riobamba City Center 20 minutes away to explore the markets and shops. The city was very lively, the traffic was pretty bad, we had to be extra careful when crossing the streets but we all did a good job looking out for each other.

Alam in his Diablo mask and Poncho.

Many of us phoned home and were able to talk to our families, it was really nice and reassuring to hear the voices of our loved ones back home 🙂 (*Tomorrow we will be trying to reach out to our families again between 3:30-4:45 California time, so look out for our call!). Us leaders of the day sampled wonderful crepes and spent a lot of our time looking for traditional ponchos. [Julio] We’ve also adopted a new member to our Global Glimpse family…..Micaela the alpaca! A few members of our group gave people experiencing homelessness some extra change and rain coats while walking through the streets. It was really thoughtful of them and it made us feel better knowing that they would be able to buy something to eat and stay dry in the rain this afternoon. It was a lively, adventurous free day and overall we had a great time in the city center.

Before dinner, we had some free time at the hotel where we worked on English tutoring preparations, Community Action Project (CAP) meetings, and have great conversations with each other. Tonight, everyone decided to show off their new Ponchos! Our nightly meeting attire was Ponchos & Pajamas, we were super comfy and cozy for the cold weather. Tonight we reviewed our day and talked about our positives and negatives of the day. Tonight we did an Appreciation Gallery Walk where we complimented our peers on paper by writing positive words and phrases for each other. We have an amazing group here and it has been great getting to know everyone in the group. 😀

Our next Lideres del Día our Laura and Jonathon who shared with us their talents (Japanese language and impressive Stitch voice!)

Big Love,
Julio & Kiyomi

Julio: Hola familia, I hope this finds you in good health. Ecuador has been an interesting trip. This place has come with its own set of rules that would confound the average American. I’ve bought a number of souvenirs that I hope will able to bring Ecuador home. Only a few days left before I set foot back in good old USA. Your messages have both been inspiring and helpful to our group. I want to make a phone call soon so hopefully you answer the foreign number calling the house. Much love to everyone back home and hope to see you all soon.

Kiyomi: Hey Madre and Padre! Ecuador has been an incredibly fun and inspiring trip, but it hasn’t stopped me from missing all of you back in the US. Everyone on this trip is so incredibly intelligent, kind, thoughtful, funny, and talented; they inspire me to be better and grow just by being around them and their positive energy (good job parents: your kids are the best). Everyday is an adventure where I learn something new and broaden my perspective, and I am really grateful for all my time here. We still have about a week before I come home, I hope you are all doing well. Knowing my siblings they aren’t checking up on me, so let them know:

  1. I love all you
  2. Misa- good luck at your next horse show and don’t die from tutoring
  3. Riko- don’t sit on your iPad for too long
  4. Seiji- go to at least one swim lesson
  5. Nina Cel- I love you and miss you very much

GGL Emily: Hey Dad, Mom, Sarah, and Grandmaman! (and Sierra and Mia of course).  Love and miss you all can’t wait to see you guys in a week 🙂