Holaaaa from Constanza! We are your Leaders of the Day, Anais and Surailenny. We had an early wake-up call at 6 am. We then headed out to Canada de las Palma, and we split up into groups and had great conversations, chores, and dance lessons from host families. We learned a lot about their lifestyles and the challenges they face in their community. We had lunch with the whole community and had “interesting” conversations with the kids. We did face painting, played basketball and dominoes, we played games with the kids, and gave them piggyback rides. The kids were having a lot of fun and constantly making us run after them. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the kids, but we made sure to give plenty of hugs and took pictures to remember this day. Once we made our way back, we reflected on the day and we shared our thoughts. Then, we presented our CAP project to the leader of the community which went well, especially with the help of Crissy.