Today wake up call was bright and early at 7:00 am. Then we walked to breakfast at Roma Santa, where we ate; kiwi, apples, yogurt with granola, scrambled eggs, and a delicious chocolate cake! Afterward, we walked back to the hotel and had an emotional mental warm-up where we discussed our own experiences with poverty. This prepared us for our next activity, which was working with an organization called Manitos Trabajadoras. This organization helps kids who make a living selling items on the street and provides them with lunch every Saturday. We all were put in groups and helped the kids sell their items and shine shoes. This was only a 30-minute activity for us, but a day to day reality for these kids. We got to meet amazing kids such as Luis, Johnny, Lupita, Mario, Justin, and more.

Max & Frida with Johnny, Johnny, & Luis.

Rose, Jocee, and Lupita!

Carla and Luis

We were also able to sit down with teens and adults involved with the organization and hear their current and previous experiences working on the streets. Manitos Trabajadoras then provided us and the kids with a hearty lunch of chicken, rice, and salad. We played one last game with the kids, then Javier; the leader of the organization gave a short speech, detailing his motivations and explaining ways others can help.

Glimpsers and Manitos Trabajadoras!

Lencho and Johnny shining shoes!

After saying our goodbyes, we walked back to the hotel, where we reflected on the activity, while the upcoming LDDs had a leadership meeting (shoutout Farangiz & Joanna). We then had our 1st official CAP (Community Action Project) meeting, which will take place at a local school called Unidad Educativa Martiniano Guerrero Freire. At this meeting, we discussed the fundamentals of the project, including the people involved (20 glimpsers, 2 PCs, 2 GGLs, & school staff), our budget, dates, and ideas. At the end of the meeting, we decided that we will paint 3-4 murals and 4-square and hopscotch for the small children.

Max, Frida and Paul lead the Glimpsers in the design of our CAP

Afterward, we prepped for our last English Tutoring. At English tutoring many of the groups had a talkback with their students, some even had a singing session or two. Then we had dinner at Roma Santa which was tostadas with beans, rice, pork, cheese, and aji sauce (yum). We returned to the hotel for our nightly meeting where we passed the torch to Farangiz and Joanna!

Glimpsers after English tutoring at Maldonado! Such a beautiful school – it was where Ecuador’s Constitution was signed!

Frida and Max – Leaders of the Day!!