Hey all! Today we put the extra thrill of fun day behind us to continue learning about conservation. We woke up to a beautiful, Costa Rican morning and after a delicious breakfast of fluffy, banana pancakes, one of our PCs, Pana began introducing us to the topic of Environmental Justice.

We learned that Environmental Justice is not only concerning nature itself, but a social issue. For example, how minorities are disproportionally affected by pollution and other artificial aspects of our environment. We concluded the discussion with a documentary on the detrimental effects that tourism had on the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste and its continuation around the world.

After some downtime we had another great lunch of rice, beans, and fish (gracias Diego y Rosa!) our amazing artists Michelle and Sage drew some awe-inspiring eyes on the pavement.

Soon after, our guest speaker of the day, Fofo, gave us a deeper understanding on these topics through the eyes of an expert on Costa Rican conservation efforts and we learned how it is a leader on protecting nature. We closed this discussion with a fun mock debate between the local people of a Costa Rican village and a luxury hotel business.

While some glimpsers decided to spend the rest of the day before dinner at the accommodations, the rest of us walked down to the local park and while some played basketball, others shopped at the local minimart.

After ending our day with burgers for dinner, we had our nightly meeting and passed the torch onto tomorrow’s leaders.