Hello! My name is not easy to pronounce on the first try so you may call me Sawi, in a cute way of saying sorry. I am writing this post with a Costa Rican MacBook so bear with me. I have not read the previous blog posts yet so I do not know if they have mentioned it yet. The schedule for us during our time in Costa Rica is unlike the schedule our Glimpse Leaders have shown in the meetings. And it is a good thing because we are not very physically tired from it. If my parents are particularly wondering why I have not called often, I am sorry for not calling. I know that you are wondering how I am taking care of myself, how I am eating, how I am spending money, etc. Do not worry because I am eating 3 delicious and healthy meals a day. Some of you must be thinking that I should get straight to the point of this post but this post is my only access to the internet on this trip so expect the spill. Some of you may not understand why we do not have our phones on this trip and that is okay. Taking away the phones allows us to appreciate our surroundings and notice the details in those surroundings that we did not see before. I brought my camera with me and I have taken so many photos like nature and the little moments I have with your son, daughter, or child. I have laughed so much more than I did in my whole life thanks to them. Big Love to them.

I will save the rest of what I want to say for the next time because it is not the purpose of what I am writing in this post but I wanted to get some out of the way.

Today is Day 8 during our trip here in Costa Rica. For breakfast, we had Gallo pinto beans with fried eggs and baguettes. For lunch, we had boloñesa spaghetti with salad and garlic bread. I loved the garlic bread. For dinner, we had frijoles with molidos and salad along with tortillas. We went to Turrialba to buy souvenirs. I bought crystal necklaces for my mother and younger sister and small perfumes for the whole family, except my 2-year-old baby sister. The gift shop we were initially going to, unfortunately, closed down during the pandemic so hopefully, we can get some on our way to San Jose when we head to the airport after our time in Costa Rica. When we came back, we had a guest speaker from an NGO who gave us an explanation of Costa Rica’s conservation efforts and is the leader in protecting nature. The speaker is really cool. He can sing, rap, and play guitar. I had prepared a small rap prior to this post for my talent that we had to show and my peers wanted to hear it so I showed them. Because I did it, I wrote another small rap about flip-flops that I performed after dinner. Flips flops, flip flops, where my flip flops. Next, we watched a bit of the Golden State Warriors Finals game against Bostons Celtics. The wifi was acting weird so that is why I said a bit. Now, we are preparing for bed, for Day 9.

Remember that I said I took so many photos on this trip question mark After this trip, I will upload them onto a Drive and send a link to your child who is in a group chat with all of us and I hope you like them when I do send them. The photo above this post is one of the many. 🙂