After a long day of walking yesterday, a lot of us had some trouble getting up this morning. Once we had breakfast we were ready to go. Tutoring was difficult for my group but thankfully we were able to come to an understanding for what we wanted to accomplish by the end of the lessons.

Next up was Chimborazo! For the hour and a half car ride, we bought snacks for everyone to keep them going. As we made our way up the mountain, the views were almost a replica of the Ice Mountain water bottle logo. However, the further up we went, the more desolate the mountain became. The lush, green countryside was replaced with barren hills of dust. We finally made it to the first refuge over an hour of driving. The wind at this point was shaking our cars, blowing dust into our eyes, and ultimately being very unhelpful. The wind was very worth it since we were making our way through the clouds. Even our five minute walk to the monument for a beautiful photo op wiped most of us out. When we drove further down, the mountain for our longer hike started in a cloud.

The wind was insane. We had lunch after a short hike and many jumping photos were taken. After lunch, we continued down the mountain to meet our buses and llamas were waiting to greet us. When we arrived to La Primavera we had dinner of shrimp, rice, and plantains with a delicious pudding dessert. Overall it was an amazing day filled with beautiful views and amazing people.

P.S. A la mama de las gemelas Laura y Guadalupe, sus hijas le querian decir feliz cumpleaños y que la extrañan much y la aman.