Hey, what’s up its Leonel today’s LDD which basically means that I was in charge of the wolf pack today. It was an exciting and one of a kind day not like any other day that we spend with Global Glimpse. Today was our day of FUN we had an early start by waking up at 6 AM having 30 minutes to get ready to have a refueling breakfast for the long and adventurous day. After breakfast, we headed on a two and a half bus ride to Baños where we listened to our favorite songs from back home and the special birthday girl’s favorites, Nadia Happy birthday. In Pailon de Diablo we walked a terrifying path that was drenched in cold and overwhelming water. My platano sis JC today fell on one of the two hanging bridges but was quick to get up and showed the group how to watch your step or you’ll be on the floor as well. Special respect to my roommate Terrel for completing the jungle path, the two bridges and went up and down a mountain with a sprained ankle with a protective boot.

Next, we drove from Rio Verde to D’Antonio where we had lunch. After a needed rest in the restaurant we headed to explore Baños we went to a site where in 1940s the locals used the natural small water fall to wash laundry. Then we headed to the Santurio Nuestra senora del Rosario de Agua Santa, then finished off by going to the local Banos market where most of us got pretty unique souvenirs to take back home. Then after a long day we went back to our second home, La Primavera (the Hotel we are staying in). Finally, we had our nightly meeting and headed to bed by 10pm.

The highlight of the day had to be the strong bond we all developed as a group. We really enjoyed each other’s company and never left anyone behind. When we were scared or concerned there was always someone we could depend on to push us forward. The GGL’s are a major part of the reason the group is so supportive and caring for each other. Jessica & Colby are always worried about us and always ask how we are feeling or how we are doing in general. Our group has lots of patience. We really care about each other. I am very grateful for Global Glimpse. Same as the quote of the day “Adopt the secret of nature: Her secret is patience” by Ralph Waldo Emerson we had to wait to achieve the level of comfortability we have now.

The key takeaways that I will forever remember as a glimpser is that being part of a team can mean stepping back when others haven’t expressed themselves to the max or when I have taken over the conversation. I learned that I must step back and let others step forward. The team dynamic in Global Glimpse has really switched my views in regards to leadership. Leaders have to work along with other people to achieve their goals. As the LDD of the day I have learned that as a leader, I may be responsible for other people, and that it’s okay if you forget something, because you are part of a team. Luckily, I was not stressed, but it was easy to see how someone could be overwhelmed by the responsibilities and obligations. My PCs, Paco and Jonathan really helped me whenever I needed help. Hannah, our med fellow, support ensured that our group was healthy and happy.




Big Love,