Today, we woke up at 7am. The weather was perfect and we all woke up feeling energized from the hard day of work yesterday. After meeting in the lobby, the group walked to Roma Santa for a refreshing breakfast including hard boiled eggs, yogurt, white and wheat bread, fruits, tea, and a luscious strawberry juice.

Immediately after the wonderful breakfast provided by Mama Isabelle, Nelson, and the fellow kitchen staff, the delegation headed off to COPROBICH, an organic quinoa factory.

Following the tour of the factory and demonstration of how the quinoa grows and is harvested, the delegation was given the chance to bring quinoa back to the States to share with their family and friends. Be prepared for some seriously healthy dinners.

The delegation ate a yummy lunch after an hour long bus ride back from COPROBICH. Lentils, rice, pork, and spicy salsa were provided with love from the Roma Santa kitchen. During which, fruitful discussions and heart-pounding card games milked the energy out the delegation. Luckily, the group stopped at the hotel for a quick break before presenting the CAP PowerPoint to the Utopia representatives. After a thought-provoking discussion about construction plans, the representatives concluded the meeting by offering special thanks and greetings to the delegation.

For the next two hours, the delegation went to the local school to tutor students in English. Although it was only the second tutoring day, the students made great strides. The delegation, with their concrete lesson plans, shared languages and cultures with the students despite coming from different countries.

Next, the delegation drove back for another round at crowd-pleasing Roma Santa. Our dinner consisted of teriyaki chicken along with a vegetarian option. They even had potatoes with verde salsa and chocolate cake! It was anther fantastic meal that left everyone waddling back to the hotel. And here we are, finally starting our last week here in Riobamba. It will be so sad to leave but we are excited for the next day to come fast. It is our final free day and we can’t wait to bring back memories and gifts for our families and friends.

Thank you so much for keeping in touch with us and please continue to write cute and embarrassing blog posts for the glimpsers. Disregard this statement if your last names are Lyon, Muniz, and Lopez. Please! Gracias and good night!