Buenas noches friends and family,

Our adventurous day stared off with a somewhat early wake-up call at 7:00 AM. After a yummy breakfast we hopped onto the bus and found ourselves on the way to Salto Baiguate, a beautiful waterfall located in Jarabacoa. A short walk later we finally arrived at the waterfall and tentatively waded in. An hour later (though it felt like only 5 minutes) we dragged ourselves onto the bus, tired from swimming, snacking, and climbing up incredibly steep stairs, and headed to our next destination.

Before we knew it, we had arrived at Rancho Dos Rios and were quick to jump into the pool. Some more swimming and tanning ensued, with everyone enjoying the pool and sunshine together as one big family (awwww). After plenty of pool time, we all took a break to eat some delicious chicken and tostones (if you don’t know, look it up haha). A bus ride, some free time, and English Tutoring planning later, and we were off to our second day of teaching. English tutoring overall was a great success, despite some last minute classroom changes.

To end the night on a WONDERFUL note, we managed to not be broke! For our Community Action Project (CAP) we raised nearly twice as much as we had originally with a grand total of (drum roll please……………) 42 THOUSAND PESOS ($849) 🎉🎉🎉

Hasta luego,

Cecilia and Natalie <3

Emma and Rich with the juice (oh yeah)!

Group picture when we just arrived to the waterfall.

The boys 💪.

Group picture after we got into the water.

A couple gals drying off and eating a snack. (Shown: Ava, Jessica, Cecilia, Hannah)

A group of friends getting settled at Rancho Dos Rios. (Shown: Rich, Jishnu, Clara, Ava, Mathieu, Jessica, Briseyda, Natalie, CJ, Valerie)

Jumping in the pool at Rancho Dos Rios. (Shown: Rich, Ava, Alfredo, Marvin, Jishnu, Mathieu, and GG Youth Ambassadors)

Pool time with friends!

Some pretty gals chilling poolside. (Shown: Valerie, Clara, Yadira, Bella, Briseyda, Natalie, Hannah, Jessica, Ava)

Group Picture at Rancho Dos Rios, along with some photo bombers (AKA Gloria and Lili).

Look at us all dressed up for tutoring!!!

Advanced English class. (Teachers: Lorenzo and Gianna)

Intermediate A English class. (Teachers: Cecilia, Jessica, Abby)

Intermediate B English class. (Teachers: Clara, Bella, Mathieu)

Intermediate C English class. (Teachers: Jishnu, Skylar, Anjali)

Beginning A English class. (Teachers: Rich, Valerie, Natalie)

Beginning B English class. (Teachers: Yadira, Ava, Alfredo)

Beginning C English class. (Teachers: Briseyda, CJ, Marvin)