Hey Y`all, Skyler and Justin here with your Sunday Funday Blog. It`s day 8, and on day 8 we don’t hate. A majority of the group woke up at 6:45, but a few (Hojoon, Skyler and Sage) woke up at 5 for a little run around the city with Tony. Breakfast was pineapple and an empanada and juice that was orange.

After Breakfast we gathered onto the bus and took the long 2 hour drive to Banos, to see the Pailon Del Diablo (the Devils Cauldron) which is a cool and muy peligroso (very dangerous) waterfall. Everyone was hella brave and got out of their comfort zone. We crawled up tight caves and climbed up rocks to stand right behind the gushing waterfall where we all got totally soaked. We got some really cool shots on our cameras and made some really great memories. After looking at the waterfall close up, we hiked back towards a bridge and walked across it to the other side to get an entire view of the waterfall.

After embracing the beauty of the waterfall, we took the long hike back to the top where we got in the bus and drove to Kicha Rest. We had some delicious meat steak and rice with potatoes and a salad. It was a very cool meal. We then took the long 2 hour bus ride back to Riobamba, where selected members (Kelly, Melanie, Sage, Alejandra, and Skyler) gathered with Ana and Juanito, and drove to get the materials for our CAP project.

We finished our evening meal at Frida Restaurant. We had huge delicious awesome burritos, crispy, crunchy tacos, and flavor embedded enchiladas.

Before the night is over, we would like to take the time to acknowledge all of our fathers who work hard and love us so much. Happy Father`s Day!!!!! We know we couldn`t be with you today, but we`re bringing you back gifts from Ecuador!

Day 8 was totally rad, Adventure Awaits in the Great Unknown……