Hola Amigos!

My name is Kriti, and today I had the pleasure of being El Lider Del Dia for CAP Day 2. As you all may know, the main goal of Global Glimpse is to not only provide its students with a culturally rich and eyeopening experience, but also to provide them with the opportunity of helping out the local community. From day one of this journey, glimpsers work towards their final goal of executing a Community Action Project, also known as the CAP project. Today’s theme was creativity, as the day revolved around planning and preparing for our own CAP project.

Our question of the day was, ¨What can you do to ensure the sustainability of the CAP project?¨ I believe that sustainability is key to the success of our CAP project. We are provided with a chance to make a change and help out the inspiring locals around the community, and it is crucial for us to plan and execute a project that can be continued even after we leave. The goal for our CAP project is to leave a lasting and meaningful impact on the community, while embodying the courageous, compassionate and committed spirit that all of us glimpsers strive for.

Keeping these goals in mind, the students today attended a CAP seminar in which they brainstormed, analyzed and prepared the basic plan for our own project. They demonstrated great leadership skills by working together to prioritize our ideas, and narrowed the plan down by making sure that the final ideas passed the Best Test Formula. This helped us make sure that all our ideas were feasible, fulfilled a need of the community, were something we were passionate about and would successfully involve the community. We also planned out the resources we would need to execute the project successfully and efficiently. These resources included materials for the wall decorations and construction of the playground at Rio Blanco.

Next, we took a trip into Bonao and visited a few stores to get estimates on the materials we would need to buy given our budget. Once we returned, the rest of the day took a more relaxed turn and revolved around prepping for our English tutoring classes.

All in all, today was a challenging day that pushed us to be focused, creative and dedicated. Although there were moments of confusion, the positive spirit and passion of the group was ever present and led to a successful conclusion of the day.

Buenas Noches!
Kriti Nivsarkar